The Ladies

The Local Ladies had 23 interview subjects in total; all incredible creatives and entrepreneurs in the Guelph and Toronto area. Learn more about each woman and their business below.

Local Ladies

Snapshot - 46

Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt is a makeup artist and the owner of Bubble & Fizz. To learn more about Bubble & Fizz, click here

Snapshot - 47

Julia Busato

Julia Busato is a photographer and owner of Julia Busato photography. To learn more about Julia, click here.

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Charlene ‘Chuck’ LeBlanc

Charlene LeBlanc is the co-owner of Riot Axe. To learn more about Riot Axe, click here.

Snapshot - 49

Beth Timlin

Beth Timlin is the owner of Grey Rock Clothing Co. To learn more about Grey Rock Clothing Co, click here.

Snapshot - 50

Erin Doherty

Erin Doherty is a mentor and B Corp specialist. To learn more about Erin, click here.

Snapshot - 52

Faith Cameletti

Faith Cameletti is the owner and founder of Lamp in Hand. To learn more about Lamp in Hand, click here

Snapshot - 55

Amanda Woodhouse and Whitney Douglas 

Amanda and Whitney are owners of Refresh Juice Co. To learn more about Refresh Juice Co, click here.

Snapshot - 61

Erinn White

Erinn White is a comedian and producer of That Time of the Month comedy show. To learn more about That Time of the Month, click here.

Snapshot - 63

Hayley Kellett is a co-owner of The Making Box Co. To learn more about The Making Box, click here.

Local Ladies: Rhyze Award Recipients

Snapshot - 60.png

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell is a musician, school bus driver, and the owner of The Golden Bus. To learn more about Jenny, click here.

Snapshot - 90.png

Ami Dehne

Ami Dehne is the owner of Minga Skill Building Hub. To learn more about Minga Skill Building Hub, click here.

Snapshot - 58.png

Karen Boscariol

Karen Boscariol co-owns Taste of Craft with Jen Whyte. To learn more about Taste of Craft, click here.

Snapshot - 65.png

Laila Harris

Laila Harris is the owner of NIGHT FLOWER. To learn more about NIGHT FLOWER, click here.

Snapshot - 59.png

Sabrina Thomson

Sabrina Thomson is the owner of The Travelling Paintbrush. To learn more about The Travelling Paintbrush, click here.

Snapshot - 51.png

Lynn Broughton

Lynn Broughton is the owner of Taste deTours. To learn more about Taste deTours, click here.

Snapshot - 64.png

Linda Boyle

Linda Boyle is the owner of Serenity Soaps. To learn more about Serenity Soaps, click here.

Snapshot - 57.png

Bridget Fabi

Bridget Fabi is the owner of Lokavore. Lokavore is still in the startup stages, more information to follow.

Snapshot - 62.png

Cheryl Karthaus

Cheryl Karthaus is a Naturopath and the owner of a natural lotions company. To learn more about Cheryl, click here.

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