An Ode To The Un-Glamorous Moments

Hello lovelies. Guess who has a cold/earache? You guessed it! ME!

Today has been so crappy, so boring, and SO filled with NyQuil. Today was also the #FunFearlessLife conference in New York which is put on by Cosmopolitan Magazine. The conference featured many kickass female speakers, and I would have LOVED to be there. But maybe next year…or the year after… (I’m not made of money, after all)

So since I’ve been at home all day, I have of course been on Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter a lot and they’ve been posting about this conference so much that I was getting a bit of FOMO and a lot of jealousy. Thinking “my life sucks, I’m here sick and not at the conference and I’m so lame” when just 3 weeks ago, I was having the greatest weekend at Buffer Festival. It’s no secret that I thrive on conventions, festivals, and meeting you guys. But not every day can be a day of glamour and awesomeness (yep, that’s a word). You could spend all this time counting down to the really COOL days, but you’re wasting the other days when you do that!

I spent most of today in my bed watching 30 Rock and I think that was a pretty awesome time. I wasn’t dressed up, I edited two videos, and ate a fuckton of soup….but I had fun, and you can have fun on the lame days too!

Find one thing, even if its the tiniest thing, that made your day better. Whether its hanging out with a friend, or eating a damn good cookie. Not every day has to be the greatest day that has ever happened to you.

Anyways, I’m off to take more NyQuil and go to bed. I hope this post made a little bit of sense.

Till next time,



Let’s Talk About…Not Feeling Good Enough

It’s 8pm on a Friday. I’ve been sitting at my desk for 2 hours with no idea what to write about. I don’t have any makeup tips today, funny stories, or advice. All I have is doubt. Doubting my videos, my blog posts, everything I’ve ever created for That Geek Online and anything I ever will create. It’s shitty, and it makes me sad.

I’ve been caught in a content rut since SFC September. SFC September went SO well, because of other women. The amazing women doing the interviews provided content for a few weeks and when it was over….it was just me. This blog is, at the end of the day, just me. I’ve forgotten how to put myself 100% out there, and it’s not fair to you, me, or anyone if I fake my way through blog posts. So here it is, me…putting ME back into the posts. Hi, hello, my name is Katie and I’m not usually this sappy and dramatic, I promise. So for today, let’s just talk. Talk about something I think everyone deals with; not feeling good enough. 

Whether its in your career, a relationship, or a family situation, we have all felt lesser than others at some point. It’s not your fault that you compare yourself to others, because it’s what we know. There is a countless amount of media out there TELLING you to feel bad about yourself.

“Do you feel fat? Try this workout plan! This diet pill! This celebrity meal plan!”

“That acne of yours is pretty gross, you should buy this concealer.”

“OOOOOH! You have a crush on a boy? Dye your hair blonde with this box dye, he’ll definitely like you then!”

I’m calling bullshit on all the things. All this “put you down” marketing because it instills the idea that we can not be happy with ourselves, flaws and all. I can’t look at a successful blogger without thinking my blog is awful. Or a famous YouTuber without thinking that everything I’m doing is wrong. Thinking that this amazing, fun little internet home of mine is a waste of my time.

So what next? How do you get rid of this crappy feeling? Reevaluate why you are doing what you are doing and why you’re awesome at it. Chances are, you are just (like me) having a random meltdown and everything is fine. If everything isn’t fine and the times you doubt your content outweigh the times you look at it and go “fuck yeah!”, maybe its time to try something different.

I’m going to be okay, this blog is going places and I know it but wow, it felt nice to vent in this post. Maybe I’ll do more of these Lets Talk posts, because no matter what’s going on in your brain, you aren’t alone! Oh, and you are good enough.

Thanks for reading my little rant/vent/advice(?) post.

Till next time,