What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated

“Don’t half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”
– Ron Swanson

Hello lovelies!

In my last post I talked about how I am an extremely motivated person, which gets in the way of my ability to relax. But how do I stay so motivated? How do I find the effort to get up and work on my side hustle when I am exhausted from my full time job? In this post I will talk about the steps I take to keep my motivation from wavering, even on the toughest of days.

Create an ‘Impossible List’

So I definitely stole this idea from Josh (check out his blog Short On Beer HERE) but I’m completely obsessed with it. The concept of a bucket list is super morbid to me and those can be SO specific. What I love about an ‘impossible list’ is instead of being a list of dreams, it is a list of goals you want to complete. Making them more realistic to you and then allowing you to break those big goals down into smaller steps that will help you to cross it off your list.

What are a few things on my ‘Impossible List’?

  • Unlock the Toronto YouTube Space
  • Attend San Diego Comic Con
  • Go on a yoga/meditation retreat
  • Learn how to play the guitar

All manageable, but will take some time and work. Looking at this list from time to time keeps me on track and motivated to take on the day-to-day tasks to achieve these goals.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

If you tell your friends about an idea you have (an idea you think it is just the greatest things since sliced bread), and they respond with “that’s stupid” or “why would you do that?” on repetitive occasions, it may be time to surround yourself with more positivity. Especially when it comes to your work. I can not tell you how many ideas I threw away because I was afraid people would think it was silly, or make fun of me if it failed.

By creating a support system of motivated and like-minded individuals, you put yourself in a position where you can share your ideas freely and be supported or offered constructive criticism. In one of Sawyer Hartman’s most recent videos, he said that one of the best compliments he every received was, after showing a short film of his to a friend, the friend said “you can do better”. Not taking away from his hard work, but reminding him that he was capable of way more, so why was he not doing that? Those are the kind of people you want to be around. People who believe in you and your work so much, that they won’t settle for anything less. And want to help you achieve the highest level of AWESOME you possibly can.

And if you’re going ‘well damn, where do I find those people’? Hi, hello, yes, I am a person right here. Tweet at me, tell me what you’re working on, and I will cheer you on!

Keep Your Mental and Physical Health Intact

Listen, you won’t want to get ANYTHING done if you feel like crap. If you are so focused on the hustle that you forget proper sleep/diet/exercise, your work will suffer. End of story. In order to put out the best quality work, you have to make your health a priority. I’m not saying you have to shut your laptop right now and run a marathon (actually, I very highly recommend against that…because running sucks…I’m just looking out for you here…) but get out of your chair and do some stretches! Walk to the kitchen and get yourself a glass of water, take a walk around the block, blast the Lion King soundtrack and dance around like a madman/woman! Whatever it is that gets you up and moving, go do it!

In addition to this, get some sleep. This is the pot calling the kettle black, because I really don’t sleep much. But I am working on it! Other ways to keep your mental health in check? Writing in a journal, meditation, or yoga (I’m actually doing a 30 day yoga challenge right now, join me!). I guarantee that if you put some effort into your health, motivation and creativity will come to you. Not only that, but you will have the energy to turn that motivation into BETTER work. That seems like a pretty solid guarantee.

You can take my word on this one, I ate spinach today.

I also ate chicken nuggets, but LET’S FOCUS ON THE SPINACH.

And there you have it, three tips on how to keep yourself motivated! Let me know how YOU stay motivated in a comment below. If you do end up creating an impossible list of your own, tweet one item of it to me! I’d love to hear what one of your big goals is and help you get there! I’ve also listed a few extra resources below to give you that extra little boost of motivation, check them out!

You got this!



Why I’m Meditating Every Day for #MayHealth

Hello lovelies.

I have no internet at home so I am blogging at Tim Hortons, and it feels wrong to be writing about May Health while I munch on a donut. But hey, my challenge isn’t to stop eating donuts, now is it? It’s to take time to meditate every day.

If you don’t know what May Health is, it is a month long event where you choose a small habit to improve on every day and everyone involved supports each other online/in person. Okay, did I explain that right? Go check out the website, where they explained it so much better! It’s my first year participating and I am very, very excited.

So why did I choose to meditate every day? Well, it’s simple. I got to the point where my brain was so clogged up full of stress, anxiety, and OCD habits, that something had to change. When you have a conversation with your roommate and the next day you can’t remember if it was real life or a dream, it’s time to try something different.


What are some of the benefits of regular meditation?

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety/mood disorders
  • Improves focus and attention span
  • Decrease in restless thinking/tendency to worry
  • It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate
  • Helps in building sexual energy & desire (bow chicka wow wow)
  • Grows a stable, more balanced personality

So here we are on May 3rd, and I have been meditating for the past two days. The immense amount of support I have seen flying around Twitter in the #MayHealth hashtag is amazing, and everyone’s challenges are so interesting! Again, go check out the website and stalk the #MayHealth hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to learn more. I’ll be posting regular updates on how my challenge is going on Twitter, so don’t forget to follow me there if you aren’t already.

Alright, time to go do the third day of meditation. Ommmm…… 





So, Here’s Why ‘That Geek Online’ Had To Die

Hello lovelies.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that the That Geek Online title was removed and replaced with just Katie Green.

I’ve hummed and hawed over this for a while now, because my geeky personality is a big part of my life but it’s not the only part. I have other things I want to write about and I began feeling bad if it didn’t fit the general geeky theme of That Geek Online. Hence, the change to Katie Green….because what is more general about me and my life than my OWN NAME?

Same person, same opinions, just a change of name and a slight shift in content. The thatgeekonline YouTube channel lives on however, and I will continue to post fun, nerdy makeup tutorials there every Sunday. If you haven’t subscribed, please do! I still create tutorials over on The Collective too, so please go check out that blog. It’s run by some incredible women and I adore being a part of it.

Everyone who has supported my blog up till this point and supported me as an individual is AMAZING, and I adore you guys. I hope you stick around for this new chapter in my life, because it’s going to be wild.


Interviewing Myself | SFC September

The final interview for SFC September is with myself, woooooah. I wanted to offer my insight on being a strong female and be a part of my own series, that just makes sense….I think. Also it’s like a “DOOOON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT MEEE”, because the interviewees may have only been here for one post, but you guys are stuck with me. Sorry about that.


But before I get into this, I want to say a HUGE thank you to every other amazing woman who has been a part of this series. It wouldn’t have been the same without your stories and your advice. You truly are some amazing strong female characters. 

Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

You guys know me! I run this blog and a YouTube channel, where I combine my geekiness with beauty and help women embrace their inner/outer beauty.

What do you think is the greatest strength you have, and how do you bring that out in the work you do?

I think my greatest strength is the fact that I’m an extrovert. I am a total people person, always striving to connect with new people and form relationships, whether they are professional or personal. This has helped me so much in creating ThatGeekOnline because I care a lot about interacting with each and every one of you. I hope that when you read these posts, it feels like we are just chatting over coffee about makeup and geeky things.

What do you “geek out” over?

Well first of all, How I Met Your Mother. Not a normal “geek” thing, but it is my OBSESSION. I watch it (well, listen to it, it’s background noise), listen to related podcasts, and I even have a HIMYM tattoo! Other geeky favorites include Star Trek, Sanctuary, Diablo, and celebrity autobiographies.

How do you express your femininity on a daily basis?

I’m a beauty guru, so I do wear makeup on a pretty regular basis, which makes me feel feminine. In addition to this, I never wear pants. If I’m not at work, I am in a dress/skirt because lets face it, pants are stupid.

Do you find you are treated differently when you act more feminine? As if you can’t be strong and powerful?

YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. So funny story, I worked at a makeup store for a year and a half, run by five men and I swear, I have never felt more small! Being in a place where I had to be “pretty” and I wasn’t in charge made me feel powerless, and as if I wasn’t worth as much because I was just the salesperson, couldn’t deal with the business side of things. I ended up being a manager for a year, and I rocked it, so yeah, being pretty and powerful can go hand in hand. It’s ridiculous that we even have to still talk about these things.

Who are your biggest female role models? How have they helped shape who you are today?

Well my mom, of course, because as much as I made fun of it as a teen, she is a huge geek. It rubbed off on me, and well…here we are. Other role models are Sam Maggs (who I did an interview with, check it out here), Demi Lovato, and more recently, Felicia Day! I just finished her book and I am obsessed with her work in the internet world. GEEK GIRLS UNITE!

How do you deal with people you can’t like things “because you are a girl”? Have you encountered this?

I had someone tell me once that I didn’t really like Star Wars, I was just pretending in order to get guys. Why would I force myself to watch 6 films and spend money on film related things, if I could just show more cleavage instead. #LOGIC

I get so many people asking me if I am a real geek, questioning the work I do, questioning my nerdiness just because I am a girl. And the fact that most of this blog is about makeup doesn’t help. What’s girlier than makeup? You can’t be a geek girl and wear eyeshadow too! That’s BLASPHEMY! I I decided that embracing my femininity and my love for makeup has helped me leaps and bounds in the nerd world. “Why yes, I am a geeky makeup guru, let me help with your cosplay!” How often do you hear that? It feels kind of awesome to have my girly and nerdy corner of the internet.

What advice would you give to young women who are afraid to express who feel like they can’t be a strong female?

Fuck ’em! For real! You are the first and last you that will ever inhabit this Earth and you deserve to feel beautiful while you do the things you love. You want to wear a strong winged liner and study science? I support you! Red lips and you’re writing a graphic novel? You kick ass! We express ourselves in so many ways, why can’t cosmetics be one of those ways?

I believe that you will do great things, and when you believe that too, it becomes true. I know each and every one of you have gone through difficult things and you are still here, meaning you are strong. Believe that you are a strong female, and you will become the strong female character of your story, up there with Janeway and Knope. Go show the world what you’re made of.

That’s it, folks! That’s the end of SFC September. Where did the time go? Thank you to everyone who was a part of this, all the interviewees and YOU, the readers! I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring group to write for! Even though this series is over, it’s just the beginning for this blog. So much more great content and so many more posts interacting with all of you! Get excited, because it is going to be so much fun. And if you just got here, HELLO, follow this blog! Because I appreciate it!

Till next time,