Local Ladies: Stephanie Lyell, Community Manager of Girls on Games.

Hi lovelies. Today in the Local Ladies series, I have an interview with the lovely Stephanie Lyell to share with you. Stephanie is the community manager over at Girls on Games. She is a total nerd girl treasure, so keep reading to learn more!

Stephanie (on right) and I at Toronto ComiCon.

K:Have you ever struggled with having people deny your geeky personality because you are feminine? Or been told by someone you only “like certain things for attention”?

S: I think people need to remember to not “judge a book by it’s cover” – I’ve never been told I like certain geeky things for attention, however I have had many people shocked and confused when I tell them I play video games which is honestly just as offensive. For many years I have been a fashion blogger/instagrammer and although I do like to rock my Marvel t-shirts and other geeky apparel, a lot of the times I’m pretty dressed up, and wearing ‘girly’ dresses. When someone asks me if I have any big plans for the weekend and I reply “Probably grinding some COD” – or – “I’m going to check out the new Warcraft movie” the look of confusion sets, and I get the comments like: “Wow, you don’t look like you’d be into that sort of thing” or “YOU play video games?” Continue reading “Local Ladies: Stephanie Lyell, Community Manager of Girls on Games.”


Local Ladies: Cailleah Scott-Grimes, Director of She Got Game.

Hi lovelies. Today in the Local Ladies series, I want you to meet Cailleah Scott-Grimes, director of girl gamer documentary, She Got Game. This film is the story of a young woman searching to reconnect with the world of video games, a world that seem prominently dominated by men. But there are a so many female gamers out there, and that fact is made loud and clear in She Got Game.

Screenshot 2015-08-11 10.48.58

Cailleah was so sweet in agreeing to be a part of this series, and I was so keen to interview her because her movie is a part of the Geekfest Film Festival, the first and largest Comic Con Film Festival. This September, it makes a stop at FanExpo in Toronto, and She Got Game will be screened amongst other incredible films. Check out the trailer below, and their website for more details. Cailleah was such a delight to interview, so let’s hop right into it! Update: She Got Game was also the Feature winner of Geek FilmFests at Fan Expo Canada 2016. Congratulations, Cailleah and everyone else who worked on She Got Game! 

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Geeks & Goodies: An Interview With Cakes Cove Owner, Sam Anderson

Hello lovelies!

Today on the blog, I have a very special interview to share with you! There is not many things I love more than seeing women kicking ass in business. One thing I do love more than that though? Chocolate, and basically all desserts. So the fact that Sam Anderson, owner of geek-themed dessert company Cake’s Cove, has both of these things is EXACTLY why I wanted to interview her on the blog. Cakes Cove was founded by Sam in 2013, launching at Fan Expo. She now owns a storefront in Toronto, as well as ships to the U.S and Canada. If you want to hear more about Sam and Cakes Cove, keep reading! Try not to drool when  you see the photos of her work, I dare you.


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My Quest To Conquer 250 Films

Hello lovelies.

As you may recall, I took the Oscars 2016 best picture lineup VERY seriously. Watched all the movies, made my predictions, and treated awards night like it was my birthday and Christmas wrapped up into one. I’ve always considered myself to be a “movie person” and took great pride in that as a child. However, I have grown old (okay, I’m 20) and dependent on my sitcoms. Sitcoms are easy and I love them, but does watching the same episodes of How I Met Your Mother and The Office add anything to my life? Not so much. So when I took a quiz to see how many of the IMDB top 250 films I had seen and only scored 27, I found my next movie adventure. It won’t happen today, it won’t happen this month, it may not even happen this year, but I am going to watching the remaining 223 films on that list.


To get myself organized, I sat down with a piece of paper and wrote a complete checklist of all 250 films. Then highlighted the ones I own on DVD in pink, and the ones on Netflix in yellow. It was a long and tedious process but the list looks beautiful. It lives beside my TV now. The other great thing about this? Saving money! Focusing on watching these at home may keep me from going out all the time to see the new movies. I don’t have much else to say at this point but I will keep you updated on the process! I’ll be honest, I haven’t even started yet! I’ve been binge watching Daredevil, sue me! Damn Charlie Cox and his beautiful self.

If you are interested in following along, the entire list is here. Keep up with me and my movie-watching adventure on Twitter (@thatgeekonline).

See you next time!