Lots of Laughs and Inclusivity at LOL Comedy Show.

Too often, comedy can feel like a non-inclusive thing. That’s why comedians Erinn White, Suzie Taka, and Sarah Simpson are trying to change that with their comedy show LOL (Ladies and LGTBQ+ Out Loud).

Host Erinn White admires the show from the back of venue, Open Sesame.

“We’re three comedians. So comedy is great, but comedy is obviously funny. But we felt sometimes comedy often isn’t feminist, it often isn’t queer-friendly, so we kind of wanted to make a home in downtown Kitchener where you could have something that’s both political, feminist progressive humor but also still super funny,” said Taka. Continue reading “Lots of Laughs and Inclusivity at LOL Comedy Show.”


Local Ladies: Megan MacKay, YouTuber and Comedian

Hi lovelies!  This week in the Local Ladies series; I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan MacKay, a YouTuber and comedian in Toronto. You might recognize Megan from her Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial, a satirical beauty video that has over 2 million views, and rightfully so because of it’s important message about domestic abuse. I am so happy to have Megan as a part of this series, and I hope you enjoy this interview as part of September’s Local Ladies series.

Source: https://youtu.be/zyNa9kqq8mk

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