Geeks & Goodies: An Interview With Cakes Cove Owner, Sam Anderson

Hello lovelies!

Today on the blog, I have a very special interview to share with you! There is not many things I love more than seeing women kicking ass in business. One thing I do love more than that though? Chocolate, and basically all desserts. So the fact that Sam Anderson, owner of geek-themed dessert company Cake’s Cove, has both of these things is EXACTLY why I wanted to interview her on the blog. Cakes Cove was founded by Sam in 2013, launching at Fan Expo. She now owns a storefront in Toronto, as well as ships to the U.S and Canada. If you want to hear more about Sam and Cakes Cove, keep reading! Try not to drool when  you see the photos of her work, I dare you.


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