An 11pm Ramble.

Good evening lovelies. I am a sleepy, sleepy Katie tonight, but I wanted to have a chat with you about my week and my life. So, hello! How has your week been so far? Let me know in a comment below or tweet me @thatgeekonline.

(Side note; I carried on a whole Facebook conversation whilst 75% asleep this week. AND IT MADE SENSE TOO.)

This week sort of flew by for me, I feel like I was just going “CRAP, IT’S MONDAY” yesterday. I’m happy the week is going by quickly though because a) I have an awful cold, and b) I get to hang out with family this weekend and that’s going to be so fun! I don’t know how people work from home every day, because I get so lonely when I do it two days out of the week. So shout out to all of you for doing that. I really do admire you, it’s not sarcasm.

I walked all the way downtown (its a 20 minute walk, okay, and its cold) tonight for a brownie from Red Brick Cafe in Guelph and it was SO worth it. Usually I do my blogging there but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. On the walk there, I listened to Alessia Cara’s new album Wild ThingsΒ which is my new obsession, please go do yourself a favor and listen to it. I listened to that, drank my coffee and had a nice evening walk. I love this walk because of the scenery, and also because it’s on a really big hill and I think walking up it will give me a nice (well, NICER) butt. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Other things that happening tonight; EVERYONE is tweeting about Secret Santa Guelph. And for damn good reason. If you haven’t heard of Secret Santa Guelph, you can read all about it (and sign up, if you’re in the Guelph area) on The gist of it? A big ass Twitter gift exchange with proceeds going towards feeding kids in the city. I don’t know how things get much more awesome than that. *spoiler alert* They don’t.

My eyes are drooping though and I’m still sick, so I should probably get as much sleep as possible. Being sick is lame, I miss the days when I could stay up till 3am. The good ol’ days, when I was 19 and full of life. Now I’m 20 and tired and old.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Or do, if you’re into weird Fifty Shades of Bug stuff. I don’t know your life.

Till next time,