My Story

Hello lovelies.

My name is Katie. I’m a 21 year old content creator, self-proclaimed geek, and aspiring journalist. This website is where all three of those things come together, and 14329920_10153981418337711_437554407711660496_nwhere I can openly discuss some of my struggles and some of my best moments in my crazy life, as well as share interviews with the women who inspire me.

Hopefully, if you have stumbled across this website, you are like me. Passionate about something, inspired by the people and places around you, and a little fucking confused about everything (oh yeah, I swear a lot by the way).

14657264_10154051637617711_882712240527546669_nWhat can you expect from this blog?  Some guidance, maybe. MAYBE. But definitely some real life advice, and a lot of laughs. Expect lots of interviews, because I love getting insight into other people’s stories (especially the stories of amazing women). I also recently dove into the world of health & fitness, but I promise I will never, ever write about kale. You can also check out my Local Ladies series, all about incredible local women and their stories. I can also be found over on The Collective, writing film reviews.

So hey, maybe stick around for a while and let’s hang out! You can check out some of my blog posts below, in addition to my social media links. Because I exude a LOT of sass on Twitter, and you should be there to see it.

Blog Posts To Check Out First

An Interview with Erin Bagwell, Director of Dream, Girl

Loving Yourself (Even If It Terrifies You)

Local Ladies: Megan MacKay, YouTuber and Comedian

21 Things I Learned Before 21

Follow Me On Social Media

Twitter: @katiealayagreen

Instagram: @katiealayagreen

Want to connect/collaborate? Contact me here.


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