Bringing It Back to Basics.

Hello lovelies.

I realized I haven’t written here in months and I apologize. I’ve been trying to figure out why all the tasks have seemed SO big and where all my enjoyment in telling stories and interviewing people went. Between Local Ladies, and a new website, a second year of school, and work, everything just started to seem way to big to conquer and as a result, I was discouraged before I even started. So, I’m bringing it back to basics. Back to the good ol’ blog, where I’ll be posting everything. Regardless of what people may think, regardless of it’s “professional”, I’m going to tell my stories and the stories of those around me who inspire.

So, now that that’s out of the way. What’s new? 

Local Ladies had its premiere screening in September, selling out the atrium of Innovation Guelph and raising almost $400 for Women in Crisis. Local Ladies has also made the jump to being year round instead of just one month. I’ll be interviewing women who inspire me and posting the interviews all year long. So, keep your eyes peeled here for those videos.

I started second year of school, but now we’re on strike…so I’m just trying to get all of my work done despite the strike. It’s a whole stressful thing! But hey, such is life. I’ve taken many naps and I am READY to hustle. Well, like half ready. I did just add a bunch of new movies to my Netflix queue too…

(Psst…it’s almost Oscars season too.)

Talk soon, ok?