21 Things I Learned Before 21.

14305334_10153991161502711_8692433340450530779_o.jpgHello lovelies. Yesterday was my birthday! The only day (well, week) of the year where I can be a total self centered diva, so naturally it is my favourite week of the year! This year I turn 21, old enough to drink in the United States, which really doesn’t mean all that much to me. But hey, if I ever feel like recreating the Hangover and losing a friend on the roof of a hotel, NOW I CAN! But to be honest, all I wanted for my birthday was to drink a beer and watch Blair Witch, which I ended up getting (as you can see on the left). What can I say? I’m low maintenance.

Just like last year, I wanted to write about the funny (and not so funny) little lessons I’ve learned in the past year. Except last year I only wrote ten, this year I am going for the big 21. So, here’s what I learned in the past 365 days of being 20 years old.

  1. Blue hair was (and still is) an amazing idea. However, it is a bitch to maintain.
  2. Being an aunt is awesome.
  3. Don’t go see the male strippers when you have a terrible cold, you will hate it.
  4. You will never look like Rachel McAdams from The Notebook when you walk in the rain, you will always look like a drowned rat.
  5. You should vote! It is your right and you should DO IT.
  6. Put yourself out there and amazing things can happen.
  7. Getting into college is even more awesome when you get the email at a family party and can share it with everyone.
  8. Drink as much wine as you want. Life is crazy, but wine makes it better.
  9. Losing a bunch of weight won’t make people treat you better, and it won’t upgrade your life. The way you think about yourself is what can change your life.
  10. Step outside of your comfort zone, that’s where all the magic happens!
  11. The Academy Awards are not just a show, they are a month-long journey.
  12. Cherish the people in your life, they won’t be around forever.
  13. Toronto ComiCon is a place you need to go every year.
  14. The Office finale will ruin you. RUIN YOU!
  15. Sometimes you don’t feel good enough. It happens to all of us.
  16. Coffee with Faith and Chelsey is always a good idea.
  17. Watch some films directed by women, they’re fucking awesome.
  18. Take a social media detox, it’s good for you.
  19. Blue lipstick is fucking cool. No matter what anyone says.
  20. Change is scary, but it is necessary for growth.
  21. Interview and collaborate with as many inspiring women as you can, it’s a complete game-changer. It’s the best thing I’ve done all year.

There you have it, folks. The 21 lessons I have learned in 21 years of living, the good and the bad. I can’t wait to see what I have to write about next year, but only time can tell. That’s my favourite part of writing posts like these, is knowing that one year ago I had no idea any of these amazing things would happen to me. Life is full of tiny surprises and victories, and if you choose to celebrate those instead of life’s failures and tragedies, you will be just fine.


2 thoughts on “21 Things I Learned Before 21.

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! How did you like Blair Witch? Honestly I don’t care for the original, I thought it was so boring. But I keep seeing the previews for the new one and I’m really interested!

    1. I loved having blue hair! I agree, it’s hard to maintain though! I had the most luck with pink hair?! I wish I could get purple to stick…that’s my favorite color 🙂

    9. This is something I had to learn too. A couple years ago I went into hardcore diet mode…and it worked! But I was so miserable! Hahah. Now I focus more on keeping up with healthy habits rather than losing weight. I’m still big, but I’m ok with that now. That is what the Powerpuff Bloggers group I run on fb is all about, and I have such a healthier mindset on things now 🙂

    14. Girl The Office finale gets me SO HARD. I rewatch the whole series every Winter and I still cry like a baby EVERY TIME.


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