I Don’t Really Relax…And That’s Okay

“Hey, what did you do today?
I just filmed and edited two videos and cleaned the bathroom.”
“God dammit, Katie.”

Hello lovelies.

There is a running joke between my roommate and I about how I am just terrible at relaxing. I complain about being exhausted at the end of the day, but then I set out to do more work. I’ll clean an area of the house, work on a YouTube video, or brainstorm new blog posts. As opposed to her (and most other people’s) version of relaxing, which is doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. Nothing wrong with doing nothing, it just isn’t for me.

But just because I am continuously moving and working, doesn’t mean I’m not relaxing. Some of my favorite activities require me to be very focused or active, but they calm me down nonetheless. So instead of lounging, I’ll work on something for YouTube. Instead of laying on the beach, I’ll take a two hour walk through the park. And I love my crazy, never-ending mind for constantly keeping me inspired to do more. Sawyer Hartman (YouTuber/Filmmaker) summed it up pretty perfectly in a video, saying that he had the day off and to him having a day off meant “only working on the things he really wants to”.

In my opinion, if you enjoy what you do enough, it doesn’t feel like that hard of work. 


This doesn’t mean you should go burn yourself out and not practice self-care simply because you want to hustle. No no no no no! Just prioritize. If you work a full time job (like me), maybe spend an hour or two on that side passion project of yours instead of 2 to three hours of Netflix. You hold all the power to change your life, but it requires hard work and the willingness to put the time in. To each their own, but just know that even though it seems like a bit nutso crazy, I’m actually completely sane. Well, sometimes. Sometimes you end up dazed out staring at a hydro pole, forget how you got there, and realize you are insanely sleep deprived. Not that that has ever happened to me or anything….

What about you? Do you relax with work/hobbies? Or do you lounge and relax with a Netflix marathon? Both are A+ options. Let me know in a comment below!



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