You Can Thank My Mother For This Blog

Hello lovelies, and happy mother’s day.

Even though she ignored my call yesterday, and I’m still not over it, I thought I’d write this blog post to get all sappy and shit. This ones for you, mom.

The reason I said you can thank my mother for this blog is because she did a stand up job of raising me to be loud, hilarious, and honestly a little bit nuts. And I am eternally grateful for that. Some of my proudest traits are those that I inherited from my mom and they are the ones I pour into every blog post I create. Every swear word, and every bad joke, is a result of my kick-ass upbringing.

In addition to my sassy personality, the geek in this blog can all be blamed on her. And yes, I say blamed because all my geek loves were branded into my mind against my will. True story. For years, I would walk past my mom and stepdad as they watched the Space channel and yell “LAAAAME”. Because as a teenager, I was way too cool for Star Trek and Sanctuary. Little did I know that a week after I moved out, I would turn to Space channel for a sense of comfort and to use as background noise as I work. Having these geeky loves have allowed me to keep a sense of home with me everywhere I go, and that’s pretty damn awesome. So thanks for turning me into a huge nerd, That Geek Online wouldn’t have been born without it.

Thanks for being my biggest fan. Thanks for not setting me up with any men because you think my love life is some sort of movie and really just want to see what happens. Except for that time you tried to set me up with your Rogers phone representative until you realized he was beardless and married. Thanks for sending me pictures of goats all the time. Thanks for sometimes laughing at my jokes but mostly just laughing at your jokes so hard that I sort of get annoyed. Basically, just thanks for being my mom.

This got too sappy, I’m going to go swear at something.



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