So, Here’s Why ‘That Geek Online’ Had To Die

Hello lovelies.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that the That Geek Online title was removed and replaced with just Katie Green.

I’ve hummed and hawed over this for a while now, because my geeky personality is a big part of my life but it’s not the only part. I have other things I want to write about and I began feeling bad if it didn’t fit the general geeky theme of That Geek Online. Hence, the change to Katie Green….because what is more general about me and my life than my OWN NAME?

Same person, same opinions, just a change of name and a slight shift in content. The thatgeekonline YouTube channel lives on however, and I will continue to post fun, nerdy makeup tutorials there every Sunday. If you haven’t subscribed, please do! I still create tutorials over on The Collective too, so please go check out that blog. It’s run by some incredible women and I adore being a part of it.

Everyone who has supported my blog up till this point and supported me as an individual is AMAZING, and I adore you guys. I hope you stick around for this new chapter in my life, because it’s going to be wild.



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