What’s Inside My Podcast Library?

Hello lovelies.

Lately I have been getting more and more into podcasts and how I can use them to better myself. As someone who thrives on having background noise, having background noise that is not only entertaining but informative too is amazing. I posted a screenshot of my podcast library on Facebook earlier this week, but I wanted to create a blog post and go more in depth on what I have been listening to lately.

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1. Being Boss – A Podcast For Creative Entrepreneurs

The most recent addition to my library is Being Boss. This podcast is hosted by two entrepreneurs, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. Of course when a podcast is hosted by someone with the same name as me, I HAVE to listen. Never mind that, these are two strong women who talk about making your business the best it can be and making yourself the best you can be. We all know how hard it is to be a boss ass bitch all the time, why not have two lovely ladies walk you through it?

2. Branded Bliss

What I love about Branded Bliss is how short it is. Most of my other podcasts are about an hour long, so having short 10-15min episodes to listen to is perfect for when I’m not in the mood for a looooooong podcast.

3. Coffee With Chrachel

Rachel and Chris are RELATIONSHIP GOALS. I love this podcast for winding down at the end of the night. I’m not being inspired or educated, just completely entertained. The only thing being filtered in the podcast really is the coffee. Rachel is a sassy youtuber and Chris is a total nerd. Together, they make podcast magic. I wish you could all see how excited I am getting as I type this.

4. Command+Edit Podcast

How many times have I talked about this podcast? SO MANY TIMES. Probably too many times, but hey, I have no shame. Hosted by Josh and Nick, they talk about all things editing. It’s the podcast BY sleep-deprived, overworked editors FOR sleep-deprived, overworked editors. It just makes fucking great background noise, in my opinion.

5. Make It Happen 

Another motivation, work-themed podcast? Are we sensing a theme here? Jen Carrington talks all about blogging and how to make your blog successful. I love the casualness of her podcast, and find myself switching between this and Being Boss when I lose blogging motivation.

6. The Wellness Wonderland Podcast

Shh, don’t tell the others, but this podcast is hands down my favorite. Which is strange because I was never huge into wellness and the holistic living thing, but I have been listening to this NON-STOP. I’m biased again because the host’s name is Katie (great name). Katie Dalebout is so enthusiastic about everything she talks about and has no shame in fangirling over the people she talks to, which makes me so happy. I’m going to do a whole blog post about my journey into becoming more aware of my overall mental and physical wellness as a person because it’s becoming a large part of my life. I’ve discovered I don’t have to be uptight, anxiety-ridden, and tired all the time. Crazy, huh?

And there you have it, my complete podcast library! If you have any suggestions of podcasts I should download, let me know in a comment below and I will totally go check them out! And if any of the ones I talked about interest you, go check them out and show them some love.

Till next time, 



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