Makeup, Conventions & Fangirling: Daniella Pluchino Interview

Hello lovelies!

If you hadn’t already heard from my 300000 Twitter posts, I spent the past weekend at Toronto ComiCon 2016. It was such an incredible event, and you can hear all about what I did/saw/bought in this video. Combining geek culture and makeup has always been one of my biggest passions with this blog, so I was so excited when Daniella Pluchino (the celebrity makeup artist for Toronto ComiCon 2016), agreed to answer some questions for the blog. She is a total sweetheart, so please go show her some support and check out her website! If you want to hear about Daniella’s career in makeup artistry and some of her tips, keep reading!

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What’s Inside My Podcast Library?

Hello lovelies.

Lately I have been getting more and more into podcasts and how I can use them to better myself. As someone who thrives on having background noise, having background noise that is not only entertaining but informative too is amazing. I posted a screenshot of my podcast library on Facebook earlier this week, but I wanted to create a blog post and go more in depth on what I have been listening to lately.

Untitled design

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