A Movie Quest of Epic Proportions: 3 Nights, 4 Movies

Hello lovelies.

As you may already know, I become very invested in the Academy Awards every year. Following the predictions from as early on as November/December, waking up ridiculously early to watch the nominations live stream, and of course seeing all the Best Picture nominees before the big awards show on February 28th.

This year I was not screwing around, I set a plan in motion to see every nominated film on a specific date and time. Did those dates and times stay the same? Absolutely not. Life happened. Thus began the Quest of Epic Movie Proportions: 4 MOVIES IN 3 NIGHTS. This week was filled with post it notes and popcorn, and I’m here to tell you all about it.


Night One: Spotlight

Sunday was my only day off last week, and my intention was to be as lazy as humanly possible. I slummed around the house, attempted to write some Valentines day posts, and did absolutely nothing. Upon leaving the house for a book exchange (which I’ll write about another time), I looked up movie times at the Bookshelf in downtown Guelph and saw that Spotlight was playing at 7:30pm. Bookshelf is the most easily accessible theatre for me, so I didn’t hesitate to head out that evening and check out Tom McCarthy’s new film. A true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered a major scandal and cover-up within the Catholic church. I have a whole review over on The Collective, which you can check out here. This movie stuck with me throughout the rest of the evening, and started my movie adventure out on the right foot.

Night Two: Room

Ah, Monday. I had no intention of seeing a movie this night until closer to the end of the day. Room was one of the ones that seemed to be on its way out of the theatre, so I had to move quickly if I wanted to catch it in time. So I rushed home after work, changed, shoved some dollar store candy in my purse, and headed right back out the door. Now here is where the real clever shit sets in. I had 956 Scene points and it takes 1000 to get a free movie. You get 100 points when you purchase a movie ticket, and on Tuesdays, movies are half priced. So when I arrived to the theatre, I purchased a $6 Tuesday movie ticket for The Revenant, and received 100 points, bringing me up to 1000 points to see Room for free that night (Monday). Yep, I paid 3 dollars per movie. This was a proud moment in my life. Room was a beautiful, yet difficult to watch film. Not my favorite out of the bunch.

Night Three: The Revenant AND Fifth Wave

Tuesday was the day I really started to feel like I lived at the theatre. I hopped on the bus at 6pm, butterflies in my stomach because I was off to see The Revenant. I don’t think I can put into words how much I did not want to see The Revenant. It looked gory, boring, and not like my thing at all. But it’s favorite to win at the Oscars this year, so I grew a pair of ladyballs and walked inwith my Dollarama Kit Kats and my head held high. And you know what? It wasn’t THAT bad! I mean, yes, I gagged throughout the entire film. But it was beautifully made, and I appreciate the effort that went in. I hung around after the movie ended to catch up with some friends and see The Fifth Wave. Friends, do yourself a favor and DO NOT go see this film. So bad. What a waste of a whole $6.

Fun fact; I was supposed to pull a five day movie streak but it did not happen. Plans were rescheduled on Wednesday, and Thursday? Well, Thursday was an adventure. I woke up with the intention of going to work, and then going to Guelph Movie Club to see The Matrix. But I felt a little off all day; dizzy, headache, slurring words. So because I seemed to be having some sort of head problem, I sat this one out. But you bet your bottom dollar, I will be at Guelph Movie Club in February! (And I am feeling MUCH better now)

My Oscars movie adventure is nowhere near over but I made serious progress this week and I can not wait to watch the other four. What movies have you seen in the past week? Let me know in a comment below or tweet at me!



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