Simplifying My Beauty Routine

Hello lovelies.

What’s that?  The “beauty guru” is writing a beauty post? You betcha! I know it’s been a while since I did anything makeup related, and that’s because I don’t REALLY wear that much makeup anymore. I’ve taken the time to declutter my makeup collection and my morning beauty routine. As someone who has always worn heavier makeup (as pictured below), this is a whole new ball game. But I kind of love it.


As far as face makeup goes, I do have very red and acne-scarred skin, so I will always go high coverage on my face. I use a foundation, concealer, and powder on a day-to-day basis to even out my skin tone and provide a clear base for the rest of my makeup. Right now I’m using the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 110, as well as a Maybelline concealer in “Light”, and a Sonia Kashuk powder. I contour with a matte bronzer and apply blush (sometimes).

Just a few of my favorite products. Revlon lip gloss, Maybelline Fit Me foundation, NYX green concealer, Maybelline LineStiletto liquid liner, and Sonia Kashuk powder.

Eye makeup is and probably will always stay the same for me, and that’s winged liner. I like using a liquid liner to create a sharp wing, I’m good at it, and it looks good on me. So if I don’t have that on, I am simply wearing mascara and that is it! I will use eyeshadows if I am going out, but when I am just going to work, I don’t see much of a point. I work in a very greasy environment, so anything that can crease/slide off, WILL.

With this whole new minimalist makeup thing, lip products are where I can have the most fun. Keeping my face/eye makeup the same but adding a lipstick tricks people into thinking I tried so much harder than I actually did. “Why yes, I did spent hours on my makeup, I didn’t just throw on a neon lipstick!”

My inspirations in downsizing the amount of makeup I use on a daily basis have been YouTubers, Ingrid Nilsen and Estee Lalonde. Both are so creative but so simple with their makeup routine and I strive to have such an effortless beauty regime. I do love my makeup, but damn it, I love my sleep more.

I hope this post inspired you to go through your makeup bag and downsize on what you wear every day. OR keep wearing as much makeup as you want, because the world is your beauty oyster.

Till next time,


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