Get Festive in Guelph! A Holiday City Guide

Ho ho ho! Happy holiday blog posts to you all! So remember back in October when I posted that city guide? Fun fact; I was in Toronto when that went live and I was SO HOMESICK. But you all seemed to love it, and I love you, AND I love Guelph. So here we are! Today I have a city guide for all the fun, festive things happening this December.

*This post could also be named “Someone Come To Sparkles in the Park With Me” Seriously.

Downtown Guelph

Same thing I write every time, but I really hope one of these days you get to walk around downtown with the same wide-eyed wonder I do, because it’s just awesome. Especially when the Christmas decorations are up in all the store windows, there’s the festive snowflake decorations on the streetlamps, and you can pretend it’s wintery. Even though it’s +10 degrees outside.

And if you want to feel extra cozy, maybe stop and get a hot chocolate! I have a soft spot in my heart for the Joint Cafe’s hot chocolate. We’re in love. Yes, I want to marry a hot chocolate. What’s it to ya?


Sparkles in the Park- Dec.12-31st

I’ve never been and I want to go SO bad. Who doesn’t love walking through a park and looking at Christmas lights? It’s like a scene out of a romantic comedy. And I’d like to believe that my life is sort of like a romantic comedy. Except there’s no romance and its just me laughing at my own jokes.

It runs every evening 5:30-9:30PM from December 12th to December 31st. You can get more info on, and they also talked about it on This Is Guelph, which you can watch here.

Holiday Night Market- Dec.23rd

I bet many of us will put Christmas shopping to the very last minute…or at least I will. Well, have no fear! If you forgot to get someone special a gift, pop by the Farmers Market from 4-8pm on December 23rd for the Holiday Night Market! I’m sure it will be FILLED with fun, handmade things for you to buy, plus you can be surrounded by people as excited and stressed out about Christmas as you are! Doesn’t that sound fun?

Guelph Movie Club: Home Alone- Dec.23rd

Have you ever had two things you wanted to do….but you could only do one? Well that’s my problem on December 23rd. BUT I have made an executive decision, I am going to Guelph Movie Club to see Home Alone for the first time ever. I’ve owned Home Alone for almost 4 years on DVD, and have never watched it. Don’t ask why.

Every month, Danny and The Bookshelf do Guelph Movie Club. It’s a chance to see movies you love on the big screen again. I went to my first EVER Guelph Movie Club in October when they were showing Nightmare on Elm Street. I jumped A LOT. I’ll probably jump less during Home Alone….but I make no promises. It’s a really fun time, I believe there are prizes to be won, and I’ll be there so you should come sit beside me and laugh at how much I’ll jump. You can get more info here.

12195837_556399044508383_2078252609432790468_n                                               (Danny’s Star Wars costume from October’s Guelph Movie Club)

Market Square Christmas Tree Lighting – Dec.23rd

If sitting in a theatre watching Macaulay Culkin isn’t really your jam, head over to Market Square to see Mayor Cam Guthrie light the Christmas tree! Doesn’t get much more festive than that! There will be ice skating (if the weather permits), live festive music, and a clothing drive for Syrian refugees. A great way to help those in need, spend time with others in the community, and get all those warm Christmas feelings. You can read more about it on the MAYOR’S blog (yeah, the mayor of Guelph blogs #reasonswhyIlovethiscity).

And of course, if none of this tickles of your fancy, just spend time with the loved ones in your life. That’s what the holiday season is all about! But I do hope I see you around the city being jolly, and getting involved in the community.

Till next time,


5 thoughts on “Get Festive in Guelph! A Holiday City Guide

  1. I feel very unfestive this year, having caught Pneumonia right at the start of December and missing out on all my usual traditions – Christkindl Market, shopping day with Dad, the Secret Santa Guelph get together.
    Here’s hoping I can ‘catch up’ in the next couple of weeks. Sparkles in the Park sure should help!


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