An Ode To The Un-Glamorous Moments

Hello lovelies. Guess who has a cold/earache? You guessed it! ME!

Today has been so crappy, so boring, and SO filled with NyQuil. Today was also the #FunFearlessLife conference in New York which is put on by Cosmopolitan Magazine. The conference featured many kickass female speakers, and I would have LOVED to be there. But maybe next year…or the year after… (I’m not made of money, after all)

So since I’ve been at home all day, I have of course been on Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter a lot and they’ve been posting about this conference so much that I was getting a bit of FOMO and a lot of jealousy. Thinking “my life sucks, I’m here sick and not at the conference and I’m so lame” when just 3 weeks ago, I was having the greatest weekend at Buffer Festival. It’s no secret that I thrive on conventions, festivals, and meeting you guys. But not every day can be a day of glamour and awesomeness (yep, that’s a word). You could spend all this time counting down to the really COOL days, but you’re wasting the other days when you do that!

I spent most of today in my bed watching 30 Rock and I think that was a pretty awesome time. I wasn’t dressed up, I edited two videos, and ate a fuckton of soup….but I had fun, and you can have fun on the lame days too!

Find one thing, even if its the tiniest thing, that made your day better. Whether its hanging out with a friend, or eating a damn good cookie. Not every day has to be the greatest day that has ever happened to you.

Anyways, I’m off to take more NyQuil and go to bed. I hope this post made a little bit of sense.

Till next time,



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