Hello, I’m Not Dead.

Oh hey lovelies, its been a while since we chatted. Sorry about that…I’ve been occupied-ish.

So the last blog post went up while I was at Buffer Festival. If you aren’t familiar with Buffer Festival, it is a YouTube event that takes place in Toronto. It was such an amazing weekend! I got to see old friends, make new friends, and was inspired like crazy to put out THE best possible content. The problem is, I was SO inspired that when I returned, I didn’t put ANYTHING out because nothing felt good enough. Well, that’s not what this blog is about. My YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here) will be the place where I put all that inspiration and perfectionism (is that a word?). THIS page is like my internet diary, and I love talking to you about anything and everything, so hello, I am back.

So let me know, what kind of posts do you want to see? The holidays are coming up! Gift guides? Tutorials? Tell me because I would love to know and otherwise, I would just ramble about like….nachos or something….but who doesn’t love nachos? Leave me a request in the comments section below and I will get right to it!

I’m done rambling now. Missed this.

Till next time,

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