An 11pm Ramble.

Good evening lovelies. I am a sleepy, sleepy Katie tonight, but I wanted to have a chat with you about my week and my life. So, hello! How has your week been so far? Let me know in a comment below or tweet me @thatgeekonline.

(Side note; I carried on a whole Facebook conversation whilst 75% asleep this week. AND IT MADE SENSE TOO.)

This week sort of flew by for me, I feel like I was just going “CRAP, IT’S MONDAY” yesterday. I’m happy the week is going by quickly though because a) I have an awful cold, and b) I get to hang out with family this weekend and that’s going to be so fun! I don’t know how people work from home every day, because I get so lonely when I do it two days out of the week. So shout out to all of you for doing that. I really do admire you, it’s not sarcasm.

I walked all the way downtown (its a 20 minute walk, okay, and its cold) tonight for a brownie from Red Brick Cafe in Guelph and it was SO worth it. Usually I do my blogging there but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. On the walk there, I listened to Alessia Cara’s new album Wild Things which is my new obsession, please go do yourself a favor and listen to it. I listened to that, drank my coffee and had a nice evening walk. I love this walk because of the scenery, and also because it’s on a really big hill and I think walking up it will give me a nice (well, NICER) butt. I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

Other things that happening tonight; EVERYONE is tweeting about Secret Santa Guelph. And for damn good reason. If you haven’t heard of Secret Santa Guelph, you can read all about it (and sign up, if you’re in the Guelph area) on The gist of it? A big ass Twitter gift exchange with proceeds going towards feeding kids in the city. I don’t know how things get much more awesome than that. *spoiler alert* They don’t.

My eyes are drooping though and I’m still sick, so I should probably get as much sleep as possible. Being sick is lame, I miss the days when I could stay up till 3am. The good ol’ days, when I was 19 and full of life. Now I’m 20 and tired and old.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Or do, if you’re into weird Fifty Shades of Bug stuff. I don’t know your life.

Till next time,



An Ode To The Un-Glamorous Moments

Hello lovelies. Guess who has a cold/earache? You guessed it! ME!

Today has been so crappy, so boring, and SO filled with NyQuil. Today was also the #FunFearlessLife conference in New York which is put on by Cosmopolitan Magazine. The conference featured many kickass female speakers, and I would have LOVED to be there. But maybe next year…or the year after… (I’m not made of money, after all)

So since I’ve been at home all day, I have of course been on Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter a lot and they’ve been posting about this conference so much that I was getting a bit of FOMO and a lot of jealousy. Thinking “my life sucks, I’m here sick and not at the conference and I’m so lame” when just 3 weeks ago, I was having the greatest weekend at Buffer Festival. It’s no secret that I thrive on conventions, festivals, and meeting you guys. But not every day can be a day of glamour and awesomeness (yep, that’s a word). You could spend all this time counting down to the really COOL days, but you’re wasting the other days when you do that!

I spent most of today in my bed watching 30 Rock and I think that was a pretty awesome time. I wasn’t dressed up, I edited two videos, and ate a fuckton of soup….but I had fun, and you can have fun on the lame days too!

Find one thing, even if its the tiniest thing, that made your day better. Whether its hanging out with a friend, or eating a damn good cookie. Not every day has to be the greatest day that has ever happened to you.

Anyways, I’m off to take more NyQuil and go to bed. I hope this post made a little bit of sense.

Till next time,


Is Mental Illness a Fashion Statement?

Hello lovelies. I hope you are having an amazing Thursday and are excited for the upcoming weekend. I’m excited for this Sunday because it is the SANTA CLAUS PARADE here in Guelph. I like parades. And Santa Claus. But today is not about that, come back on Sunday for a video/blog post about the parade and my makeup/outfit (spoilers, I’m wearing Christmas colors). Today, we have to sit down and talk about the recent holiday sweater situation at Target.

Recently, Target released some holiday clothing, just like they would every year. Among said clothing was something we all love to hate, ugly Christmas sweaters. Unfortunately, one of the sweaters has caught peoples attention for being ugly in a whole different way. The sweater (picture below) says “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder” and although I bet Target had the best intentions, it offends a lot of people who suffer from mental health issues, including yours truly.


I’ve stood outside a door for a half hour pulling on it OVER and OVER again because I’m convinced its not locked. I’ve had anxiety at work over small things being moved. I’ve adapted small little rituals into my day that seem unnecessary to everybody but make me feel better. I suffer from OCD, and I’m not ashamed of it, not one bit. But Target wouldn’t sell a Christmas sweater that poked fun at cancer, now would they? I don’t like being one of those hypersensitive “this offends me!” people, but this really does offend me!

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues, that when a situation like this arises, it’s frustrating because it seems like we are right back at square one. A lot of people took to social media to express their displeasure with this product, and as far as I know, Target stands by the sweater and doesn’t plan on pulling it from stores. Ah, Target, what are we going to do with you? When a company runs into a situation like this, its usually in their best interest to just apologize and find a way to keep the customer happy and loyal your company. But hey, if you want pissed off customers who feel like their mental illness is invalidated by your product, all the power to you! You won’t be getting any of my money.

Mental health is important, whether its something you personally deal with, or you know someone who deals with it. We all need to work together to reduce the stigma around mental illness and help teach the people (and the companies) around us what is right and wrong. Target, this is wrong. Your move.

Till next time, 


Hello, I’m Not Dead.

Oh hey lovelies, its been a while since we chatted. Sorry about that…I’ve been occupied-ish.

So the last blog post went up while I was at Buffer Festival. If you aren’t familiar with Buffer Festival, it is a YouTube event that takes place in Toronto. It was such an amazing weekend! I got to see old friends, make new friends, and was inspired like crazy to put out THE best possible content. The problem is, I was SO inspired that when I returned, I didn’t put ANYTHING out because nothing felt good enough. Well, that’s not what this blog is about. My YouTube channel (which you can subscribe to here) will be the place where I put all that inspiration and perfectionism (is that a word?). THIS page is like my internet diary, and I love talking to you about anything and everything, so hello, I am back.

So let me know, what kind of posts do you want to see? The holidays are coming up! Gift guides? Tutorials? Tell me because I would love to know and otherwise, I would just ramble about like….nachos or something….but who doesn’t love nachos? Leave me a request in the comments section below and I will get right to it!

I’m done rambling now. Missed this.

Till next time,