Why Is My Makeup Rejecting Me?!

So today is the day, the first full day of my Toronto vacation. I’m currently typing from my hotel room, and let’s just put out there that I DID try to be a good roommate and work in the business centre…but the internet is awful in there (figures). So I’m that asshole of a roommate clicking away at her laptop while people get their beauty sleep, but blog posts can not wait!

So being that this weekend is a YouTube festival, and I am a beauty vlogger, my makeup for the weekend needs to be ON POINT. I planned the outfits, packed my regular makeup routine, and yet somehow, when I went to get ready this morning…everything looked like crap. Why?! Why do you punish me this way, makeup universe?

My foundation was just SITTING on my face, the powder was caking, my eyebrows were lopsided, it was just a whole ordeal over nothing! I ended up applying the tiniest bit of foundation, concealer, eye makeup and going “screw it”. But I found it interesting that this ONE day, everything was wrong.

It’s one of two things; a) my face is having a meltdown over nothing and rejecting makeup, or b) I am having a meltdown over nothing and my face is rejecting makeup. I believe it is a confidence issue. I’m wearing a dress I’ve never worn before, in a city I don’t live in, with people I only see once a year…it’s an anxiety meltdown just WAITING to happen. So I’m considering myself lucky that my makeup is the biggest problem and I have yet to just freak out all together.

So if you’re ever having one of those mornings, where everything seems wrong, just take a deep breath and recognize that you look beautiful no matter what. Makeup is just makeup and if it isn’t working that day, don’t wear it!

Just thought I’d ramble about my my morning….I have yet to have a coffee, which is extremely important.

Till next time,



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