Kimberly (allonsykimberly) Interview | SFC September

Hello lovelies! So today I am back with another interview with a geeky blogger such as myself. I met Kimberly (allonsykimberly) through Instagram, and I love her nerdy posts and she is such a sweetheart. I’m so excited to introduce you all to Kimberly, so please give her some love by liking this post!


Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Kimberly, a twenty-five-year-old artist, cat lady, and geek, currently residing in north east Ohio. I work at a small family owned chocolate factory as a production assistant and head of social media, marketing, and graphic design. In my free time I design artwork for my shop, Hugh & West and share my fun and geeky internet finds on my blog, Allons-y Kimberly, all the while catering to four ornery cats. When I’m not doodling or making chocolate I can be found reading, changing my hair color, and adventuring with my husband. Most importantly, I am a sinner saved by God’s grace struggling daily to live my life to the fullest for Him.



What do you think is the greatest strength you have, and how do you bring that out in the work you do?
I think my greatest strength is my dedication. No matter what I’m doing, be it at work, around the house, or just for fun, I put my heart and soul into it. I like to think that I always strive to do my best and I don’t give up. If you give me a task I will see it through to the end.
What do you “geek out” over?
Star Wars! My mom had me watching the Original Trilogy while I was in utero and to this day I still want to marry Luke Skywalker (just don’t tell my husband!). Harry Potter is a close second on my list, followed by Final Fantasy X, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Doctor Who. Outside of general fandomness, I “geek out” over Jon Foreman and Switchfoot. Everyone has that one artist or band that changes your life – you find them at just the right moment, they get you and
their music sticks with you forever – and for me that’s Jon Foreman and Switchfoot.
How do you express your femininity on a daily basis?

As cliché as it sounds, doing my hair and make up and putting on a cute outfit each day makes me feel not only feminine, but just plain happy and confident. I know my worth doesn’t come from my appearance, but I enjoy experimenting with my hair, make up, and outfits and I love that I can express my femininity that way.


Do you find you are treated differently when you act more feminine? As if you can’t be strong and powerful?

I think there is a stigma for women when it comes to wearing make up and putting extra effort into their appearance. I think our society has been promoting the idea that femininity is synonymous with vanity, superficiality, and stupidity for a long time. Thankfully, there are a lot of women today that are trying to abolish that idea and show that femininity can also be synonymous with intelligence and strength.


Who are your biggest female role models? How have they helped shape who you are today?
My biggest female role model is probably Jen Yates of Epbot. Before I found her blog I was almost embarrassed of my interests because they weren’t the same as most of the girls I was friends with. Jen taught me that there’s nothing wrong with being geeky AND girly and that there is a huge community of girls with my same interests. I don’t think that I would have ever started my own blog or become so confident in who I am without her influence.
How do you deal with people you can’t like things “because you are a girl”? Have you encountered this?
I don’t feel that I’ve ever experienced this from another person, but I do know that I used to put limitations on myself based on this way of thinking. Like I said in my previous answer, I didn’t think it was normal for a girl to like Star Wars or video games or super heroes so I stifled that part of myself for the sake of fitting in. I thought that other girls wouldn’t want to be my friend if they knew I liked these things, but once I got over that way of thinking I found that the exact opposite was true. It was easier to connect with others when I stopped worrying so much about what they were thinking and could just be myself.
What advice would you give to young women who are afraid to express who feel like they can’t be a strong female?

I think that being strong comes from being confident. Don’t worry what other people will think of you because of your interests. Love what you love and embrace it. Be proud of it! Don’t hide part of who you are because you’re afraid of other’s opinions. You’ll find that the more accepting and loving you are towards yourself, the more others will love and accept you too.

Thank you so much for being a part of SFC September, Kimberly! We are heading into our third week now, with a ton more interviews and tutorials for women from PARKS AND RECREATION! I’m a tad bit excited, can you tell? Follow me here on ThatGeekOnline, so you don’t miss a single post!
Till next time,

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