Megan Gotch Interview | SFC September

Hello loves! So today I have another interview for SFC September with ANOTHER GEEKY BLOGGER! I am so excited to share my interview with Megan Gotch from The Nerdy Girlie. She was kind enough to answer these questions for me and participate in this month long series. Thank you, Megan!

Tell the readers a bit about yourself.

HI Readers! My name is Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie! I am a writer and photographer for my blog called The Nerdy Girlie. I am happiest surrounded by family, friends, music and food! I have a love/hate relationship with my new found single-ness, but it has taken me to new and exciting places and experiences and I am always looking for the positive side of my journey.


What do you think is the greatest strength you have, and how do you bring that out in the work you do?

I think my biggest strengths are love and passion. I am passionate about what I do and the people in my life. I love to inspire and encourage others to do follow their passions. I always want to spread love to all of the amazing people who come through my life.

What do you “geek out” over? 

That is a long list! Futurama, Doctor Who, everything British, coffee, photography, writing/blogging, ballet and dancing in general, my city LA, music, my friends and family and LOVE.

How do you express your femininity on a daily basis?

I express my femininity on a daily basis quite easily! I LOVE love and showing that love to my friends, family and co-workers. I also love dressing up. I enjoy creating an outfit that is girlie and nerdy. I am a happy camper as long as you can see my Harry Potter tattoo!

Do you find you are treated differently when you act more feminine? As if you can’t be strong and powerful?

I’ve just begun to find my confidence and strength. I think that a well put together outfit only contributes to that personal strength and self confidence. People can see that change in me and I am very proud of myself for portraying it in a way others can notice.

Who are your biggest female role models? How have they helped shape who you are today?

My biggest female role models are the strong women in my life who have shown me the way. My Aunt Sheryl who passed almost a year ago who was an author, speaker and all around bad ass women. My step-mom Tillie, who is my Music Maven and one of the hardest working women I know. My nerd girl BFF Liz who has given me the best advice, support and encouragement. When she sets out to do something she does and does amazingly.
How do you deal with people you can’t like things “because you are a girl”? Have you encountered this?
I can’t remember a time when this has come up in recent times. I like what I like and if others have a problem with it that is on them not me!
What advice would you give to young women who are afraid to express who feel like they can’t be a strong female?
I never thought that I could be a strong female, but by taking a leap of faith and doing something scary you become the strong person you are meant to be. It is a process. Don’t think that it is going to be easy, it’s not. But it is worth it in the end.

So that’s that! Isn’t she awesome? You can read more of Megan’s stuff over on HER blog, The Nerdy Girlie (check it out, it’s one of my faaaves).
Till next time,

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