Ten Things I’ve Learned in Twenty Years

Hello lovely human beings of the internet! Today is my birthday and I thought I would celebrate by sharing the twenty most important things I’ve learned in my two decades on this Earth.

Age Is Just a Number

As I enter my twenties, I’ve realized that some of the people who I can relate to most are 10 years older than me, and some of the most mature, driven people I know are teenagers. Whether its a friendship, or a relationship (granted you’re 18 and up, I support no crimes on this blog), age is not the #1 thing you should be worried about. People have assumed I am older than I actually am for many, many years but its just because I carry myself in a way that you don’t usually see teens do, but I’d be lying if I didn’t still have teen hissy fit moments..

Don’t Use a Magic Eraser on Your Skin

EVEN if you get hair dye on yourself. You WILL get chemical burns and they will hurt.

Texting in Movie Theaters Makes You an Asshole.

I WAS one of those and I still AM on multiple occasions. But it has been brought to my attention by many people (the lady sitting behind me in Trainwreck, my friends, the commercial they play before the movie), that you SHOULDN’T do that. Even if a cute boy texts you. Seriously.

Get Comfortable with Being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Some of the coolest opportunities I have had, I have gotten because I did something I was afraid to do. Was I afraid to email The Collective for the first time? YES. Was I TERRIFIED to speak at MoMondays YES! But I did it, and each scary thing has helped grow my blog/YouTube/and even my personality into what it is today.

The Internet is Really Fun. 

The internet and social media is a really fun thing, and I’m glad I was born in a time that I get to take advantage of it. If there was no internet, I would have no blog! Some of the greatest people I know, I met through the internet. Whether its awesome people in Guelph who I found through Twitter, or kickass women in different countries who I met through a Facebook group. The internet allows us to connect with so many people whom we may never have connected with otherwise.


BUT the Internet is Not Everything.

Airplane mode is my obsession. I, like many others, can get caught up in the likes, and the comments and subscribers. But that’s not real life. If someone doesn’t like your photo, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you. Giving yourself the opportunity to unplug from everything and live in the NOW will benefit you so much. Start with 5 minutes. Then 10 minutes. Keep moving the amount of time up. I like to have a solid 2 hours of NO notifications. You can always catch up later.

You Will Look the Same Size No Matter What You Wear.

Here’s the thing; your weight is your weight. I am a very confident person, comfortable in my body but I haven’t always been this way. I was a *dun dun dun* OUTFIT REPEATER because I thought certain things made me look thinner. There are the tips and tricks, but at the end of the day, you will look pretty much the same no matter what you are wearing, so GO CRAZY! Don’t be afraid to express yourself just because of it might not flatter your body shape! Confidence is the key part of any outfit.

Embrace Your Inner Geek.

For many years I would walk past my parents watching the Space channel and go “LAAAAME!” until I moved out and realized….I like the Space channel. I like Star Trek. I like Marvel. Allowing myself to embrace the geek in me (no not like that, dirty minds), things started to fall into place. I started going to conventions, I met awesome people, and That Geek Online was born! We all have something we “geek out” over, whether its science, knitting, scuba diving, who knows? Embrace the things that you love, even if they aren’t “cool”, you’ll have so much more fun in life.

You’re allowed to change your mind.

About people. About the path you’re going on. Whatever it is. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. If you’re not happy somewhere, even if it seems like where you’re “supposed” to be, its not the right place for you. There are bigger, better things out there for you and if you aren’t willing to change your life from time to time, you’ll never see those things. Don’t be afraid to start over.

Everything happens for a reason. 

I can NOT stress this enough. I always look back and go “OOOH that’s why I went there”, or “that’s why I did that”, because the universe is constantly moving us to where we are supposed to be. As minuscule as one thing may seem, it may be the thing that changes everything. Throughout the good times, AND the bad times, remember that you are on a journey to where you are SUPPOSED to be and this is just part of the story.

I hope these ten lessons of mine over the past twenty years helped you somehow. Here’s to hundreds of more life lessons, can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Let me know in a comment below one thing you’ve learned in your life and how it has helped shape you as a person.



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