The Power Of Makeup: My Face With/Without Makeup

Hello friends! I am very sorry about the hiatus, I have been on vacation for what seems like FOREVER. But I convinced my parents to give me the internet password, so HERE I AM! (I’m a slave to technology, I’m over it, it’s time for everyone else to be over it too).

So as many of you know, a video created by NikkiTutorials has recently gone viral. The video, titled The Power of Makeup, shows Nikki applying a full-glam makeup to only half of her face, showing how much makeup can change your appearance. Nikki’s intention with this video? To show viewers that makeup is not only used for male attention and that makeup can be fun! There is a bit of a stigma around women who enjoy wearing lots of makeup, people think we are “fake”, covering up our natural beauty, and “overdone”. Listen, makeup is awesome. No makeup is awesome. If you have yet to see Nikki’s video, you can watch it here.

I decided to do my own take on the half made up face and the half bare face, and this is the result.


As you can see, the two sides are both very different and inherently similar, because even though I have makeup on, I still look like me. On the right, you can see my naturally pale and red/acne prone skin, as opposed to the left side, where my skin tone is even but it is definitely tanner and yellow look (I use a yellow-toned foundation to cover the red). My eyebrow on the left is bolder and darker to match my hair color, as opposed to the left side which is a light brown color. Add in things like winged liner and contouring, and the left side looks much more glamorous and conventionally “pretty”, rather than the raw, natural beauty on the right side.

My favorite part of this is that BOTH sides are beautiful. Obviously I prefer wearing makeup because it makes me feel confident, but I still feel beautiful in my bare face. One of my favorite features are my eyes, and they look incredible on both sides.

Makeup is fun. But it is not necessary. It’s okay if you enjoy wearing it and it’s okay if you never wear it.




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