I’m Never Wearing a Whole Shirt Again…..EVER.

Hello, you beautiful creatures of the internet! Today I wanted to talk about another beautiful thing….crop tops. It has been a whole week, and I haven’t worn a full shirt at all (besides my BK uniform….yuck), because I am just so obsessed with the two t-shirt crop tops I bought at Walmart earlier this week, as well as the floral crop top from Aeropostale.


I’m kind of into mirror selfies, can you tell? 

I like wearing these crop tops with circle skirts because it shows just enough skin to be like “hey, this is a crop top” but no so much that people are like “hey, how much for the night?” Its all about balance, folks. If you had told me a year ago to wear a crop top, my answer would have been a solid NO. Why? Well I wasn’t as body positive last year as I am now. I’m not ashamed to show a little bit of skin, to wear a skirt, to have a bit of cleavage, because I’m pretty and I know it. Is that vain? No, because I and too many other women have spent way too much time caring what people think and feeling ashamed. Are you a size 0? Wear a crop top. Are you a size 22? Wear a crop top. They are glorious.

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