Fangirling Over a Book About Fangirls?!

Hello, beautiful friends of the internet! Today I am back with my first ever book review, YAY! And what better way to start off book reviews than with the best book ever? About a week ago, I went to Chapters in Guelph with my friend and searched The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy on the computer to see if they had it, and THEY HAD IT. I swear, no one has ever run over to a book faster than I ran to that book. Have I set your expectations too high? Probably. Will the book live up to your expectations now? 10000%.

11235847_960514270667299_1577175990_n(Here’s a selfie of me and bae…I mean, me and the book. It’s just a book, I know that.)

The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy is written by Sam Maggs, who is my geeky girl inspiration and I think she is the bomb. I try really hard not to start to lose it and be uncool around people I think are cool but Sam, if you read this review, I make no promises that I won’t be a complete mess if I meet you. But I shouldn’t even feel bad about fangirling, because that’s what this book is all about; being a fangirl! Fangirls Guide is filled with lots of great information, from the types of different fangirls, to tips for conventions,to interviews with other fangirls. If you are a fangirl, you need to buy this book.

On a side note, is there some sort of WordPress achievement for saying “fangirl” enough times in a post? And have I reached it yet? Fangirl fangirl fangirl.

But the real reason I am so in love with this book? Its written by a geek girl FOR geek girls. Everyone knows that I LOVE when instead of tearing each other down, women pump other women up, especially us geeks! We get enough slack from men for being “fake geek girls” (that is a whole other post, I have a lot of feelings), us geeky girls need to stick together because how else are we going to take over the universe? That is what we’re trying to do….right? Sam Magg’s does an amazing job at showing that being a fangirl is nothing to be ashamed of and instead, should be celebrated! I give this book a 10,000/10,000 stars because that’s how much I loved it.

Sorry for being a fangirl. Wait, no I’m not.

If you bought this book too, let me know in the comments so we can talk about it! Think of this as Oprah’s book club, but with all of the feels.
And hey, go send Sam Magg’s some love on Twitter because she wrote the book, and that’s a big deal….

Talk to you guys next time! 




I’m Never Wearing a Whole Shirt Again…..EVER.

Hello, you beautiful creatures of the internet! Today I wanted to talk about another beautiful thing….crop tops. It has been a whole week, and I haven’t worn a full shirt at all (besides my BK uniform….yuck), because I am just so obsessed with the two t-shirt crop tops I bought at Walmart earlier this week, as well as the floral crop top from Aeropostale.


I’m kind of into mirror selfies, can you tell? 

I like wearing these crop tops with circle skirts because it shows just enough skin to be like “hey, this is a crop top” but no so much that people are like “hey, how much for the night?” Its all about balance, folks. If you had told me a year ago to wear a crop top, my answer would have been a solid NO. Why? Well I wasn’t as body positive last year as I am now. I’m not ashamed to show a little bit of skin, to wear a skirt, to have a bit of cleavage, because I’m pretty and I know it. Is that vain? No, because I and too many other women have spent way too much time caring what people think and feeling ashamed. Are you a size 0? Wear a crop top. Are you a size 22? Wear a crop top. They are glorious.

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